Winword.exe : msvcr90.dll

Use the following URL when referencing this thread from another forum or blog. I’ve got an issue winword.exe : msvcr90.dll one of the computers at school where it keeps crashing out whilst a teacher is trying to do reviews and what not.

It happens occasionally to some people, and I put it down to a hiccup, but with this one it’s happened a lot today alone. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Bulletin Security provided by vBSecurity v2. Simple install, no plumbing Solar Hot Water! Source: Microsoft Office 10 Event ID: 1000Faulting application excel. Also, when I switch to the administrator profile it prints and saves just fine. Paste this text as it is whithout modifying it in a notepad and save as fixproblem.

If you don’t have “Send to Bluetooth” under that key, It’ll do no harm. Solar Hot Water with no plumbing changes! Nice, and thank you for this solution! Uninstall MS office and download Open Office from the internet.

It’s free and much less hassle. Ah come help everyone help help. POWER BILL the easy way using this new solar power device! I have same problem and no solution. Can any onne help me for the similar issue. Hi Guys,I recently had the same problem following reinstall of Excel 2000 onto my new computer. I tried it and it worked for a while then crashed again.

I followed the logic that . I have now had 2 beautiful event free days. No relevant posts to this problem. I will take a stab at it, msvcrt. You don’t need to have visual studio installed to have this file on your system as it may have been installed by other microsoft applications.

I have tried applying visual studio patches to get the msvcrt. Just save with a different filtype, like Excel project, its still work fine fine after that. I need the same solution and nobody helpme. Have you checked the appropriate file permissions? Am currently experiencing the same issue. 0,fault address 0x004cde2aI am anxious to need your help and would you like to help me?

1999 thru 2012 Kronos Technologies Inc. See Terms and Conditions for more information. My daughter has Office 2010 Student on her laptop at College. It pretty much doesn’t work anymore. 477MB file Did she possibly shut the machine down when Office was trying to update itself? The internet wants to sell me utilities that will open it, but nothing is telling me what Office is doing with this huge sft file.