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Data Point is a multi-platform database query tool built for anyone who needs to access data, understand data relationships, and quickly produce reports. The purpose of the ODBC provider is to offer basic connection and querying capabilities to any database that supports an ODBC 3. For a list of databases tested with the ODBC provider, see , windows6.1-kb976932-x64.exe System Requirements in the Release Notes.

Toad Data Point provides users with the ability to connect to non-traditional data sources, such as Business Intelligence and NoSQL sources. You can connect to these data sources and explore data and objects, query data, report results, and automate tasks. Toad Data Point – Professional Edition The Toad Data Point Professional edition includes the following new features and enhancements. This release includes an important change to Authentication keys. Beginning with Toad Data Point 4.

This change is designed to simplify the process of Authentication. In summary, an object can have only one type of key applied at a time. A snapshot always has a shared key. A View can have either a personal key or a shared key, but not both. Note: For cross-connection queries, each data source can have its own separate key type, either personal or shared.