The Emesa helmet is an iron Roman cavalry helmet from the early first century AD. Its face mask, covered in a thin sheet of silver, presents the individualised portrait of a face, likely that of its owner. Decorations, some gilded, windows6.1-kb2483139-x86-tr-tr_228dfa5fbaa4606b17f93d6fcd51c8c85c0f1fd3.exe the head piece.

Tyrol, which rises like a tower on a circular floor? Rosie Bernard’s bar in Monte Carlo, The Chatham, was “one of the temples of grand prix racing”? Wu Dechang managed the emergency response to large-scale plutonium contamination caused by a failed Chinese nuclear test? Laxmann’s shrew extends from Norway to Sakhalin Island in eastern Asia? Japanese singer and voice actress Aimi performed at prior to her major debut was a steakhouse? Washington lands commissioner Hilary Franz was a competitive ice skater as a teenager?

Tuvalu could only afford to become a member of the United Nations after selling its Internet country code top-level domain? President of Kazakhstan after a 29-year tenure, appointing Kassym-Jomart Tokayev as interim president. Karen Uhlenbeck becomes the first woman to be awarded the Abel Prize in mathematics. A gunman kills three people and injures five others in a shooting in Utrecht, Netherlands. More than 90 people are killed by a flash flood and landslide in Jayapura Regency and Jayapura, Indonesia.

American Revolution: Patrick Henry made his “Give me liberty, or give me death! Scottish settlers on the John Wickliffe, captained by William Cargill, arrived at what is now Port Chalmers in the Otago Region of New Zealand. Indian independence movement, and two others were executed by British authorities. Two researchers announced the discovery of cold fusion, a claim which was later discredited.

The Iranian military arrested 15 Royal Navy personnel, claiming that they had entered Iran’s territorial waters. Denver is the capital and most populous municipality of the U. This picture shows a panorama of Denver in around 1898, viewed from the top of the Colorado State Capitol, facing northwest and looking down 16th St. The domed building on the left is the former Arapahoe County Courthouse, demolished in 1933, and the Brown Palace Hotel is visible on the righthand side. Bulletin board, projects, resources and activities covering a wide range of Wikipedia areas. For Wikipedia-related communication in languages other than English.