Windows xp usb prep 2014 .exe

Due to the popularity of my old post on how to download firefox without a web browser, I decided to figure out a way to do the same thing with Chrome. Chrome doesn’t seem easily accessible on FTP, so this method allows you to still download Chrome from a safe web source, via the HTTP link that Google provides. Find latest Chrome EXE by going here. This windows xp usb prep 2014 .exe the URL of the chrome EXE.

With this vbs script can i download the latest version of chrome browser? Hey thanks for this FTP info man, i actually have been looking everywhere how to do this. Hey thanks for this invaluable info man! Yet, you still need a web browser to find out the latest URL for the .

I wouldn’t use C: Admin right required for C: many people don’t know this so I’d use a USB Drive. Also Type mismatch on line 17. Move it to end of line 16. Other than that it works great. With the Google Chrome VBS file I had to delete line 17 and it then worked on my system. I am not sure if it was specific to me, but I am running Windows XP Media Center with all updates. The link for the chrome installer still works too!

I am smart, but know nothing of programming. I am getting an error that sounds like what Shaun was talking about and I did not quite understand how Shaun meant to correct the error. I tried just deleting line 17 as the previous poster stated but that didn’t work. I do data recovery and often have to re-install Windows and prep the machine for the owner.

If I fetch Chrome with this I don’t have to start Internet Explorer up at all. HDLocation doesnt match what does that mean ! I am trying to modify it to download beta and dev releases, but it doesn’t work. HDLocation’ to end of line 16.