Windows 7 wermgr.exe

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Codename Icenan needs a submarine piloting minigame in it. Windows Update is a great technology. It ensures that most Windows users are automatically kept up to date with the latest security patches for their OS. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, the Windows Update client gets in a corrupted state and things get messed up in a big way. I recently performed some simple maintenance on a set of company PCs. They were fairly recent, albeit somewhat underpowered Dell desktops with 2GHz Celerons and 1GB of RAM running Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit. For the relatively light office work with people browsing, and using Office 2007 for Word, Excel and e-mail, this should be sufficient however.

All employees using those PCs, one in particular, had been complaining of generally sluggish performance. This one PC responded slowly to everything. Even sitting idle at the desktop, with no open applications, there was constant disk thrashing. Task manager set to show processes from all users revealed that most of this was the Windows Search Indexer.

One would have to wonder what it was indexing continuously. Fortunately, all editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with a nice tool called the Performance Monitor. Particularly the resource monitor was of interest. This can be accessed from the “Performance” tab in Task manager or by running perfmon.

Still, that only allows booting back into Windows, by ignoring the pending update, and doesn’t solve the underlying problem. After that, I could take the time to figure out why it was getting stuck. After stopping the Windows Update service, it is possible to just delete the folder. It took a few hours of forensics and thumb twiddling, but finally all updates had gone through, including Vista SP2 and the system was running normally again. The disk thrashing had stopped, CPU usage was down to single digits and everything responded smoothly. Having a smoothly running system turned one complaining employee into a happy camper again.