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Need to redownload Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store? If you plan on making an install drive but you already upgraded to Lion, you’ll need to redownload the Installer so that you can extract whatsapp mini gt-s5 for downlod DMG file. Some users have trouble with that method, and instead they can try holding Option while launching the App Store in addition to when clicking on the greyed out installer next to OS X Lion, allowing you to download again.

OS X Lion App Store page hasn’t failed us, but there do seem to be conflicting reports. If you already bought Lion, you should not be charged twice for any additional downloads of Lion. Update: The instructions have been clarified to hopefully alleviate some of the confusion a few commenters have had. In other words, it works, we promise! Was reading through your article on re-downloading Lion. What I’m curious about is, if I buy a new computer with Lion pre-installed is there a way to use that purchase of Lion to upgrade other Macs in my household assuming they can handle Lion of course? It did not work for me holding the left option key I had to use the right option key.

I do not know why this is. Well, the folks at OSXDaily have found a solution to redownload the installer from a Lion PC. Perhaps this has something to do with the version of the store? I can’t say why but obviously some folks can’t get this to work.