Werfault.exe written server 2008

There’s some really important fixes and some very interesting fixes that I’ve been waiting werfault.exe written server 2008. WAC farm to minimize the downtime. On order to update our WAC farm we need to download the March 2013 patch for Office Web Apps 2013. We would like to do this without the users even noticing it.

You do this using the load balancer. You cannot patch a running WAC Farm! To patch the machine start the downloaded . You do this using the same way as you did for the RTM version. For instance if you have more than two, then you can take another one out of rotation, patch it and join it to the new and patched farm and then you flip the load balancer so it points to the new WAC farm. Depending on your load balancer you might have a brief moment where end-user request might be served by both versions.

You’re farm is now patched and ready! Configuring new WOPI bindings One of the most interesting new features in the March 2013 update of Office Web Apps is the ability to view PDF documents! PDF documents in your Document Libraries. And now we got yet another good reason not to install the crapware called Adobe Reader!

Now, your end users can start taking advantage of all the new features in the March 2013 update. If you’re examining the WOPI bindings provided by the March 2013 update really carefully, you’ll notice that the Excel application has six new bindings, three each for the two new actions syndicate and legacywebservice. New-SPWOPIBinding cmdlet does not accept those actions. Summary You’ve just seen how simple patching an Office Web Apps 2013 farm is. By using the load balancer effectively you can make sure that the end-users can continue to use the Office Web Apps features while you’re doing the patching. Which processes are working – use the task manager?

What is happening on the disk – use the resource manager? Any “interesting” stuff in the WAC ULS logs? Same for us, several services are crashing every minute and the Microsoft error reporting is jamming the CPU. If fact I can’t use that computer.

My luck was that it’s a VM and I revert it to a good snapshot. You should see the errors in the Event Log and in the WAC ULS logs. I’d like to know more about these errors. I ran into the same problem. After installing the updates KB2760445 or KB2760486 a have reboot the system prompts and then exe-files webapps services begin to fall. Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.

I thought I was the only pne with the Watchdog exceptions spamming the event log like crazy. I had the same thing happen to me – even once before the update. Repair installing never solves the problem – the only way to solve it for me was to uninstall and reinstall – no problems afterwards. Reinstalling is quick as I only have to create a new Office Web Apps farm – Sharepoint retains all bindings. The March update for WAC indeed causes a lot of crashes for all exe’s and spams the event log.