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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Cayin SMP-WEB4 User Manual Smp-web series. Page 2: About Cayin CAYIN is committed webplus patch key being a reliable partner to its clients worldwide, and has successfully set up various application references internationally.

In order to best facilitate the deployment of CAYIN products, the Company also provides tailored services to satisfy the ascending market demand for almost limitless applications. Page 3: Table Of Contents Copyright Notice . Page 4 USER MANUAL 2-1 Upload Files to SMP Player 13 2-2 Wizard Mode Introduction 16 2-3 Network Wizard . 17 2-3-3 Step3: Ping Gateway . Using CAYIN Media Player in HTML . 58 4-1 Media Player Tag and Attributes .

59 4-2 Image Slide Show Tag and Attributes . 93 5-3 Upload the CAYIN Skin File into SMP . Content Update and Media Folder Management . 95 6-1 Update Media Folder . 110 7-3-4 Upload System Background Image . 112 7-4-1 Display Information for SMP-WEB4 . 112 7-4-2 Display Information for SMP-WEBDUO .

114 7-4-3 Display Information for SMP-WEBPLUS . 120 7-4-4 User Define Resolution 121 7-4-5 Hide Cursor . 132 9-1 Ethernet 133 9-2 WIFI Wireless Network 134 9-3 3G Data Network . Page 10: Smp-web4 Appearance In addition to Flash, HTML, video, images, animations, and texts, SMP-WEB series players can easily be extended to provide interactive services incorporating with touch screens. Page 16: Install Smp-web Series USER MANUAL 1-6 Install SMP-WEB Series 1-6-1 Install Hardware 1.

Connect the Ethernet to LAN port. Connect the VGA or DVI cable to your screen. The default screen resolution is 1024×768. Page 17 Static IP If you are in the static IP network, please follow steps below to login and complete network settings. Connect a keyboard and a mouse to USB connectors on the SMP player and connect the power adapter to a socket to turn on the system.

Click or and enter a username and password. Page 18: Remote Pc Login . IP address of your PC to the same subnet 3. You can also open the Media Folder of any player by . Select the player you want to connect, can start to manage the player remotely on your PC. Page 19: Wall Mount Installation 1-7 Wall Mount Installation If you want to mount your SMP player on the wall, please read this section for installation instructions.

Here we take SMP- WEB4 for illustration. Please find the enclosed brackets and mounting screws. The enclosed accessories, s u c h a s b r a c k e t s a n d screws, may differ from the product you purchase. Page 20: Configuration In Wizard Mode Configuration in Wizard Mode 2-1 Upload Files to SMP Player . 13 2-2 Wizard Mode Introduction . 17 2-3-3 Step3: Ping Gateway 18 2-4 System Wizard . Page 21: Upload Files To Smp Player SMP- WEB series players.