Vmm setup.exe /client /i /f

This article shows you various ways to shutdown and restart computers using the CMD. Introduction There are many reasons why you would want to shutdown and restart Windows or any other computer for that matter. Whether it be to have a quick way to schedule a shutdown or to restart computers remotely without having to vmm setup.exe /client /i /f shutdown the machine.

You’ve waited long enough here are the examples. But do look further down to check out the various command line options for CMD. The command line interpreter will open. We will now show you some simple examples on how to use the command line options available in SHUTDOWN. All of the following commands should be executed at the command prompt or directly from the Run dialog.

Shutdown the Local Computer Immediately By default there is a 30 second delay with all SHUTDOWN commands, this at least gives you a short window to use the abort command to stop a shutdown if you’ve made a typing mistake. Restart the Local Computer To restart the local computer we would issue the following SHUTDOWN. In our case, this will execute the shutdown immediately. This will shutdown the computer after a 10 second time-out period. Please note that you must have administrative permissions on “myothercomputer”. Microsoft Windows built-in command line interpreter. Command Line Options The following listing shows all the command line options for CMD.

Shutdown the computer after a certain time delay. Shutdown and restart a remote computer. After the system is rebooted, restart any registered applications. Document the reason for an unexpected shutdown of a computer. Command Line Options The following listing shows all the command line options for SHUTDOWN. This is the same as not typing any options.