Virtualbox sdelete.exe

Virtualbox sdelete.exe Hyper-V Packer builder is able to create Hyper-V virtual machines and export them, starting from an ISO image. The builder builds a virtual machine by creating a new virtual machine from scratch. Typically, the VM is booted, an OS is installed, and software is provisioned within the OS.

Finally the VM is shut down. The result of the Hyper-V builder is a directory containing all the files necessary to run the virtual machine portably. It will start the OS installer but then fail because we don’t provide the preseed file for Ubuntu to self-install. By default Packer will perform a hard power off of a virtual machine.

However, when a machine is powered off this way, it is possible that changes made to the VMs file system may not be fully synced, possibly leading to corruption of files or lost changes. As such, it is important to add a shutdown_command. This tells Packer how to safely shutdown and power off the VM. They are organized below into two categories: required and optional. Within each category, the available options are alphabetized and described.