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Can this jazzed-up amp sim’vgee install crack.exe virtual guitarist tonal output match its flexibility? Real guitar gear is known for its so-easy-a-guitarist-could-use-it simplicity, and yet virtual amp simulators continue to grow in complexity and capability.

We’re reviewing the software-only version here, but don’t forget that there’s the Kontrol edition too, bundled with the Rig Kontrol foot controller. The software comes as part of Komplete 8, too. Guitar Rig is via the presets. We found that these two new amps can be used together to great effect. DC-style rhythm crunch, while soaring, shredding solo tones are effortlessly had with the Van 51. Surprisingly, there’s little difference in tone when switching between the rhythm and lead channel of the Van 51 once both pre-gain knobs are set to give similar drive. However, this was quickly cured by inserting Guitar Rig’s Skreamer overdrive unit before the amp.

The mic selection was fixed, but expanding upon the concept is Control Room Pro, where you can choose cab, mic and mic position per channel, fade in a room mic and flip the phase, which can be a powerful tone-altering trick. We found Control Room Pro really useful when using Guitar Rig 5 during the mix stage of a full production. We would first dial in the desired amount of gain and general frequency content using the amp sims. From that point on, Control Room Pro became invaluable.

By blending tones from differing cabs and mics, we could sculpt the overall timbre of the rhythm guitar tone, so that it would ‘sit’ in the mix most effectively, manipulating the timbre so that our guitars were not masking any of the other instruments frequency-wise. This offers eight impulse responses, all with decay and lowcut control. We found it excellent, with the short plate, churches, cathedrals and big halls all sounding lush and highly useable, particularly on clean and country tones. Added to this is the Vintage Verb effect, as well as a new classic compressor model, Fast Comp, both also very high quality. The Resochord harmoniser is a little lacking, not quite having the desired effect when processing notes to sound like chords. This is due to the impact of unwanted artifacts, in the form of unusual ‘whistles’, tending to creep in.