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You can then use them in veiligheidspakket upc downloaden application just by changing to the bar code font like you would with any font. The main problem using bar codes fonts to print using a word processor is printing the barcode at too small a point size.

A small point size requires a higher resolution printer to render a readable bar code. Bar code printing programs prevent this problem from occurring. Most bar code printing programs will not print a bar code unless the narrowest bar is at least three dots wide. If you are using a 300 dpi printer, don’t select a point size for a bar code font less than 24 point. Here is a list of bar code fonts. The barcode can print capital letters and numbers and does not require a check character. You can also try setting the barcode font as graphics in the printer driver settings.

If you are printing using word processing software, you may have to change autocorrect and autoformat settings. For details about Code 39, see the Code 39 Page. Here is a list with links to freeware and shareware Code 39 barcode fonts. 3 of 9 Barcode Font – Windows True Type and Macintosh System 7 True Type Code 39 bar code font. 3 of 9 new is a Windows True Type font that is a modified version of “3 of 9 Barcode Font” above that overcomes the SPACE character problem. This is the barcode font we use. If you want to print a space, use the exclamation mark for this font.