Upx.exe 9 -compress-icons=2 -overlay=copy

The minor versions are released in sync, so, for example, 2. 1a is Bink 2, upx.exe 9 -compress-icons=2 -overlay=copy 1.

32′ in the Extra Switches box. Bink 64-bit compressor from a script. Fixed some gamma issues with UE4 on Switch with Bink render targets. Fixed some blitting issues on D3D12 when using scaling.

Fixed some fencing issues that led to D3D12 blocking more than it should. Optimized the Bink Audio bit decoder – added full Neon path as well. Show the Windows 10 version info in the RAD system info utility. Fixed a problem with the end of playback trigger on UE4. Fixed a few bugs and made the CPU-GPU overlap a lot better on the PS4 GPU assisted path.