UPS Sizing – 400V rev 1-3. Tech surge and power manager 220v. So upsdiag.exe we haven’t seen any alert about this product.

It’s probably your file has been infected with a virus. However, if you wish to receive a response, please include your email and name. Please enter security code that you see on the above box. UPS Communicator English Manual Release 1. Summary License for use What is UPS Communicator?

Customisation of messages to users RS232 connection cables Harviot Niky 400, 600, Niky 450, 650, 900, 1100E, 1500E, 2000E Niky 1100, 1500, Daker DK, Niky 1100 Plus, Niky 1500 Plus All others models F. UPS Communicator is an application whose main task is to control the operation of the UPS, safeguarding the operating systems of the computers powered by the UPS itself. It has the task of receiving and interpreting the information coming from the UPS and of managing the configuration of its special settings and of events that could endanger the operating system in any way where it is installed. This affects: The installation program The software modules installed The help file and documentation 2. Accept the terms of the license 3. The configuration parameters are divided up into categories that can be selected by clicking on the appropriate boxes located to the left of the main configuration programme window.

Shutdown Section The parameters of this section are needed for the management of UPS autonomy, system shutdown, the switching off and subsequent automatic restarting of the UPS. If the application is used exclusively for UPS diagnostics, we recommend this setting be disabled. Enable recording of LOG file Enables or disables the writing on disk of UPS and external events. Maximum file size This gives you the possibility to specify the maximum size in bytes for the events file. Once this has been reached, the file is deleted and a new one is created. All the events already have default settings for a range of actions relating to the event in question.

Events list This specifies the events managed by the UPS currently selected. The contents of this list may vary depending on the type of UPS selected. Preset activities for selected event Displays the list and order of execution of the actions set for the selected event. Disabled: used exclusively as a diagnostics programme for the UPS: does not start up automatically when the computer is started. RS System Configuration The RS System configuration programme runs automatically at the end of installation or by clicking the appropriate icon. As this is a test, no consequential action will be taken, even if the outcome is negative. Monitoring the UPS Information Panel The information panel displays the main information regarding the UPS being monitored.

UPS Model Name of the UPS. Nominal Power Nominal power according to current European standards, shown in Volt-Amperes. Nominal Power Nominal power according to current European standards, shown in Watts. Number of Modules Installed Number of power boards fitted inside the UPS. Operating data Displays the main, real time specifications of the UPS. UPS status Identifies the current operating status of the UPS. Neutral Sensor enabled The neutral sensor is able to inhibit the operation of the UPS in circumstances where the neutral potential shifts excessively from that of earth.

To start the UPS, simply invert the plug and switch it back on. The function is inhibited if this option is disabled. UPS, which operates according to the switching on and switching off of its connected load. Batteries Displays the voltage of the batteries in real time and the relative operating thresholds. Hardware Information Displays all the information relating to the UPS hardware in real time: this can be useful for diagnosing faults.

Number of failed modules Identifies the number of UPS power boards, which have currently failed. Description of failed module Identifies the type of failure of one or more UPS power boards. Unknown Failure unknown Inverter Inverter P. List of Events The list of events occurring during the operation of the UPS is continually updated and is stored permanently in the UPS memory.

Some UPS models also memorise the date and time in addition to the type of event. The list of possible events is as follows: None No anomaly. Basically an attempt was made to feed the UPS through the output socket. Hardware Fault: Failure of one or more of the electronic circuits on one or more of the power boards. Service Centre: Unknown Failure unknown Inverter Inverter P. 26 Copyright 2006-2007 Cyber Power Systems, Inc. Box Management Software for Off-Grid Inverter Version: 1.