Unhandled win32 exception 1cv7s.exe [5776]

I unhandled win32 exception 1cv7s.exe [5776] trying to compute HOG descriptors using the OCL library in OpenCV 2. Custom HOGDetector using CvSVM and HOG features. How to training HOG and use my HOGDescriptor?

How to match 2 HOG for object detection? Content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3. Frequency of occurrence is also random, sometimes frequent and sometimes not. Most times no dump file is created as the system abruptly restarts before even the message can be read.

If the system is left for long after BSOD, it restarts but doesn’t show bios logo, until forcefully shut-down and boot back up. Start” menu and clicking “Check for updates” under the Settings group. Start or Windows Logo on your taskbar. If any update is found, wait for Windows to complete the update and restart. This can help replace any corrupt windows file, and can be very helpful when the exception is caused by a bad system file.

Command Prompt from the menu and “run as administrator”. This can help remap dead sectors, which by happenstance may be the reason for the  STORE exception is being caused by that. Command Prompt from the menu and “run as administrator”. Disable “Fast Startup” and save changes.