Finally got the arcade hallway textured. Udkinstall-geopolicep13.exe got a significant amount of rubble and graffiti decals in there as well.

My goals and standards are both set high this semester. Dalzelle, when it’s finished, will be my most in-depth CG project to date. In addition to the three main sections, I’m planning on modeling at least 3 of the smaller rooms on the first floor, including the restaurant, women’s room, and the cafe. Right now I’m working on the ticket hallway and concourse area. Finally got pieces in the waiting room.

What is a torrent and magnet link? Post by mrjack on Jan 12, 2017 23:33:55 GMT I’m using ME3Explorer version 3. This might have to do with my version of the Unreal Development Kit as I recently transferred to a new PC and had to re-download it but it wasn’t available from Epic anymore so I got a version from ModDB. There isn’t a version number in the “About”  window so I can’t tell you which it is exactly but the folder says “UDK-2009-11” if that’s any help.