Tomb raider 2013 setup.exe

Payday The Heist Free Download Payday: The Heist is a first person tomb raider 2013 setup.exe from Overkill software. You can download this games full version for free from the direct link given at the end of this page. This site will give you the Windows PC version of the game for download. This is an innovative idea and the developers have done a good job of giving the experience as in real life.

Payday The Heist takes what the best movies have done during heists and lets you play out the part yourself. There are 6 different heists and you will need to perform adequately to survive these heists. All the heists can be played multiple times as each time you play some settings and things are changed and you need to adapt accordingly. Though the single player lacks the intensity which the co-op mode offers, what with 4 friends trying to rob banks and shooting their way out, sounds fun, Right? Still the game works well with the computer handling the other three guys. The game is similar to any first person shooter game of today only the plot is different. Instead of shooting your way through the missions you will be robbing banks wearing masks all the time.

Payday Heist gives you the option of choosing your character which are assault guy, sharpshooter or the supporting guys. Your goal is to get inside the banks and get out with the valuable items that will give you the life you want on the streets with your gang. Each mission will give you experience points which in turn will help you level up that gives you extra equipment to be used for the next heists. The six maps that are present vary from each other you will be robbing a bank to a diamond repository or get engaged in a firefight on the streets when something goes wrong and you are left on location by you getaway drivers. The missions are much focused and you will need to follow the voice of your leader who will be giving you instructions through a headset.

Payday Heist gives you a realistic feeling and it works well. You will be fighting hordes of cops coming at you at every location. It’s like Left 4 Dead game but instead of zombies you have cops and the AI is different where the cops will call in the big guns helicopters. Regenerative health system is present and you will heal rather quickly so you will not die easily but if you get caught in open then you will die surely. Download and Extract all parts using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.