Test drive unlimited 2 100 save game pc free download

Test Drive Unlimited 2 includes a variety of roads on the island of Oahu, which returns from the first test drive unlimited 2 100 save game pc free download, and the new island Ibiza. This section possibly contains original research.

Whilst attending their birthday party in Cala de Sant Vicent, Ibiza, the Player encounters Tess Wintory, host of Solar Crown, an international racing championship. Tess takes the Player to her garage, where she allows them to drive her Ferrari California. At the club, Tess introduces the Player to the viewers of Solar Crown. She explains how they need to gain racing licenses in order to legally partake in the challenges. She introduces the Player to Todd Bishop, a driving instructor, who takes them to a used car dealership.

There, the Player chooses a car, and Todd takes them to a run-down caravan, which becomes the Player’s house. Throughout the game, the Player can buy houses, cars and clothes from dealers around the island. After obtaining a licence, the Player can participate in all challenges for the given class. Once the player wins all the championships, they become the victor of Solar Crown. Both islands have been modeled mostly accurately by using satellite data. Each island has both asphalt roads and off-road routes, translated to roughly two-thirds of all roads being asphalt roads, and the total amount of road exceeds 3,000 kilometers, or 1,864 miles.