Swift paste patch

Edit: It’swift paste patch “Zone: Return to Karazhan” now. Also, screw infernal mounts, this is the guy i’ll be aiming at the whole Legion. And most likely it’s a secret since there has been no leak from the ptr so far.

Edit 2: It was an Amani battle bear in disguise at the end, i’m SO HAPPY, this means that it will be easy to get once people can slightly overgear Karazhan! If it was up to me the Karazhan place should have been retconned and this mount put as a last boss guaranteed drop on mythic and then removed at the end of the patch. The BIG question here should be: What Karazhan blizz, the old raid or the new dungeon? People are talking about 8 currently available bosses in the Dungeon, hoping that the 9th will be Nightbane, but old Karazhan ha 12 bosses, so they could pick up another of those or a totally new one, and the model of this one is EXACTLY the model of old Kara boss. Someone over there poke them for this information? Comment by lazzerfire Such a cool looking mount, expect them to reuse this model in the future!

26 October, My guess this is hidden inside Return from Karazhan. I was expecting the old one. Comment by Wuatdah If badass were a physical thing, this is what it would be. Comment by Mamzy anyone know from which boos this mount will drop ? Comment by mitchelltoth “Smoldering Ember Wyrm,” also known as “The Winged Balrog.

That face is seriously straight out of LOTR. Puts a whole new meaning on “fly, you fools. Comment by ceasure Looks like someone has already figured out how you can obtain this mount. Credit goes to Enf, this is not my photo. Comment by Nerrevar Upon opening the door after zoning into Karazhan, the following emote happens:”The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air. You have a STRICT timing to make it to Opera, kill Opera and click the first Soul Fragment.

You have 8 minutes from the moment you zone in, to click the first crystal. From there on each Soul Fragment you click add a bit of time to your timer. If you fail, you will get an emote “The air grows slightly warmer”. After the first crystal you will gain a buff, Medivh’s Echo, with a 6min duration.

As you click crystals, it will add a stacking buff and 5 minutes to the time you had left on your buff. If you click all the Soul Fragment within the allotted time, after Curator, you run back to Nightbane’s room and Medivh is there and he summons Nightbane. When you speak to Medivh you get the One Night in Karazhan. Once all crystals are clicked in the allotted time, your timer buff will change to One Night in Karazhan and you will have 5 minutes to go speak with Medivh and summon Nightbane. The original Roleplay upon summoning Nightbane will play. Once you speak to Medivh and Nightbane is summoned, you are able to wipe without worry.

He will still be there and shout at you as he continuously slays you. Smoldering Ember Wyrm Is the Loot. 1 per party or each of the 5 players gets it ? Comment by Krakenson The mount drops for only one person in your party.