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We strongly suggest that if you like the software, buy it. This will ensure the companies provide a good quality sevice. First, yes, shame on me for purchasing from China. When the car came the new radio was installed but not navigation. I found a GPS Navigation box in China that they guaranteed me would talk to the Kenwood DDX4038 radio. It would come with IGo Primo 9 installed with Thai maps.

The GPS finds all 12 satellites with no problem and the signal strength appears to be good. I then looked at the folders, while in the car on the radio, and found an EXE file 9612. There are no other EXE files available to use. When I set the system restore button I then go back to getting the can’t find navigation software. Oh yes, of course, China will not answer any email asking for help. I assume that I need to take the dash apart and take the SD card into my computer to be able to fix the problem. What about renaming the ‘save’ folder in Primo so ithas to find the gps port and baud rates from scratch.

Also ensure they are not listed in sys. HELP That is what the forums are for. Ensure you have a backup of your Navi files in case you stuff up! 01 Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. Bazzle, thanks for the reply BUT I must say that you are talking Greek to me. I am way over my head by even asking questions but I dared to since I need to fix my problem.

I assume I will need to use the 9612. Well Bazzle, I must say I’m impressed! I went to Chiang Mai to the Kenwood store and had them show me how to take the dash apart and get the navigation box out and then remove the SD card. I left the dash apart and went home. I then attempted to rename the SAVE folder but it was write protected. After some searching I learned about the little white slide on the side of the SD card needing to be moved to unlock.

I reinserted the SD card into the navigation unit and up it came. I answered the set up questions and took my first ride with a working navigation system. Side note: I had to leave the system setup to look at the 9612. I see the map is Thailand 2012.

06 2006-2011 Tom Tom 120829 with IGO Primo Navigation 9. I then put the dash pack together and dashed into the house to write this note of thanks to you. HELP WITH IGO Build version: 9. The Windows version is compiled 32-bit and should run on Windows XP and newer.