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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article consists of a list of episodes of the animated series Static Shock. Virgil Hawkins is a smart, funny teen who tangles with static shock my boy download gang leader Francis, who calls himself “F-Stop. The leader of another school gang, Wade, protects Virgil sometimes, but says he can’t be there all the time for Virgil.

Wade asks Virgil to join his gang, but Virgil doesn’t want to be part of a gang because a gang’s gunfire killed his mother, Jean. As a result of last episode’s explosion, metahumans are everywhere and most of them are committing crimes. Virgil begins to fight crime as Static, and when F-Stop returns, now possessing the metahuman ability to control fire and renaming himself “Hotstreak”, Virgil is ready to beat him once and for all. Virgil also learns that Alva and the Mayor were responsible for the gas that caused the metahuman mutations, and tries to prove it by sneaking into Alva’s office to find proof – but winds up fighting off an army of Alva’s henchmen. Virgil ultimately defeats the henchmen and takes a disk that contains proof. Later, as Static fights Hotstreak again, the disk with all of Alva’s information on it gets destroyed. However, Static powers up and finally defeats Hotstreak.

Derek Barnett, one of the most popular jocks at school, asks Virgil for help for tutoring. After one of their sessions, he begins to head home, when it is revealed that he is a Bang Baby, and turns into a mass of ionic energy. He is picked up off the streets after accidentally blowing up things and running, terrified and confused, from citizens and the police. Bang Baby with control over shadows named Ebon, who “collects” metahumans and wants Static to join his crew, along with a girl named Talon, who is now part bird, and a guy named Shiv, who can change his hands into weapons. While analyzing a part of an amoeba mutated by the Big Bang, Virgil and Richie become locked in school late at night with the protesting journalism class, led by Frieda.

A metahuman named Adam Evans, Rubberband Man, attempts to get revenge on Ice Pack, a rapper who stole a song he wrote. Virgil gets a job at Burger Fool and loses it when he had to sneak out to take care of business as Static. Virgil gets accepted into the Vanmoor Institute only to find out he is being used as a tool to capture Static by geniuses Specs and Trapper, both of whom work for Edwin Alva. However, Virgil gets a new friend and ally in his fellow student Daisy Watkins. A young boy, Dwayne, discovers that he was affected by the Big Bang, and has the incredibly strong and powerful ability to alter and reshape reality. His older step-brother, Aaron, exploits Dwayne’s reality-warping abilities for his own benefit.

Richie invites Virgil to stay the night at his house Unfortunately his father arrives home early, and it is revealed that Mr. Foley is a racist bigot who dislikes African-Americans. After Virgil leaves, Richie yells at his father and runs away, later getting captured by Ebon. It takes the combined efforts of Static, Mr. Virgil starts trying avoiding him by spending more time with Daisy. This causes Richie to get slightly jealous. Meanwhile, a heavyset Dakota bully begins exhibiting wind-based powers.

Rubberband Man escapes from jail and becomes “Stringer,” a rapper who is dating Virgil’s older sister, Sharon. Once Static realizes Stringer is Rubberband Man, he runs away and blames Static for ruining his new life. He attacks Static and unmasks him, but before he can look, Puff and Onyx, meta-humans who decided to become bounty hunters for the cash, intervene. While battling a meta-human capable of duplicating himself, a freak accident permits Replay to make a copy of Static. The entire city declares Static to be public enemy number one, while the real Static fights to restore his good name. A purple monstrosity goes on several rampages through the city.

Thomas Kim, a student upset that he is one point under a 100, is suspected by Virgil and Richie as being the creature. When they confront him, he goes berserk, transforming into the beast and begins to go on a rampage. Static lures Kim away from potentially damageable areas until he calms down and reverts to his human form. Batman and Robin team up with Static to find and defeat The Joker. Richie bumps into an old man in an alleyway, granting him the gift of lygokinesis: the ability to create, control and manipulate pure purple-colored energy.