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Smooth rotation that can adjust the centering automatically. Can be stadic shock my boy download in various applications, not limited to connecting to a cylinder. Can be used as an auxiliary bracket for the oscillating mechanism. Reduces the design and assembly labor of the oscillating mechanism.

Driver: You almost threw me into orbit! Static: I’m sorry, but something’s happened to my powers. They’re way stronger than they used to be. Well, can you drop me off at 44th and 3rd?

Static: Didn’t you just say you were scared to death? But the traffic in this town is even scarier. Virgil: This looks like a job for Richie: Don’t finish that sentence, V. Richie: You told her we were doing homework?

Static: Think she won’t believe me? Richie: No, she will, which doesn’t say much for our social lives. Daisy: Now, any idea what to get your sister? Virgil: Let’s check out the pet store. Maybe they have a sale on muzzles.