How to Deal Srsss.exe the Csrss. This process loads automatically at system startup. System32 folder and is mainly found in 6,144 byte size. Its other known sizes are 4,096 and 7,680 bytes.

Trojan that allows unscrupulous people access to your system in order to steal your personal and confidential information, such as e-mail passwords, credit card numbers, Internet Banking details and account numbers. You can verify whether or not your PC is infected with the csrss. Del to open the Task Manager Window. Click on the Processes tab and browse through the list. If you see only one csrss. The presence of more than one csrss. STOPzilla Antivirus and an antispyware tool, such as Spyware Cease.

You can also remove the bad csrss. Show hidden files and folders option in Windows Explorer. Double-click on the My computer icon. Folder options and then on display the View tab.

Go through the options given in Advanced Settings and under the Hidden files and folders option, select Show hidden files and folders and then clear the Hide extensions for known file types option. Now, proceed with the following steps to manually remove the csrss. Go to Start and click Search. Next, in the Search Results window, click the All files and folders option. All or part of the file name box.

Select Local Hard Drives in the Look in box. If you are unable to delete the file, right-click on the file again, select Cut and then Paste the file on your desktop. Next, rename the file you have pasted on the Desktop and change its file extension from exe to some other type. Now, try to delete this file. If you are still unable to delete the file, restart your PC and then delete the file.