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NET from codeplex I developed it my self and it works very well in my applications. You just have to add one line in your code and its done. If you want the full power and control of a Windows application then go with the . The name of the game is Terrerium – codeplex. Should it be Updater Application Block? The Updater Application Block is a .

Windows 7 UAC problems and all the file permission problems that inevitably pop up when you’re trying to update complex software. You can cannibalize it and use it for your own purposes. Quick extracting, patching, and installing of files. We also have the file specifications here. Automatic Updater control sitting on your program’s form. This keeps the updater separate from your application.

I see, will look into it. It has some warts, but it comes with Visual Studio and works reasonably well. No, it is primarily for installed apps as well. It can be quite flexible if you take the time to learn it.

PC, Clickonce is not an option. Clickonce is meant for installing an application for a single user without administrative rights. I tinkered with the logic a bit and built what I thought was a better XML update file. Now, when I need to update the clients, I just post the new EXE files or DLL files and set the correct versions in the public XML file. My application detects the newer versions if it is older and updates itself. This is what I do also.