Sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported only v1.0us (14383616 bytes)

In this most conservative channel you receive the best tested versions. We recommend that you use PRTG’s stable sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported only v1.0us (14383616 bytes) for live environments. You can also obtain the latest version from the PRTG download page! Don’t Miss News About PRTG Release 19.

I hope you had a fantastic start to the new year and have bravely stuck to your good intentions so far. Reports contain data from failover nodes again if defined in the report settings. It is possible to add meta-scan sensors to devices on the cluster probe again. 48 versions, the meta-scan did not work and never finished on the cluster probe so that you could not add any meta-scan sensors. Dependencies work as expected again when a master object returns from a down status, so that all dependent sensors will automatically resume monitoring as soon as the master object comes back.

48 versions, dependent sensors did not resume in some cases but showed a paused by dependency status even if the target device was reachable again. We fixed a potential memory leak that occurred when using many SNMP sensors with multi get as request method. PRTG will now only create a new ticket when there is not an open ticket about . In current versions, PRTG does not show the user account who acknowledged the down status of a sensor.