Silent hunter 4 mods downloads

New Features You may very silent hunter 4 mods downloads play for years and not see everything we have changed! 3 mod by ‘onelifecrisis’ — a MAJOR breakthrough in SH3 environmental modding! OLC was the first modder to definitively solve the horizon defect inherent in other 16km environment mods. He has also largely removed the unrealistic polygon effect from the waves present in ALL other environmental mods.

0 we have blended OLC’s awesome mod with elements of our own work that we wanted to retain. Improved sky textures, fog, lighting and reflections. Many other environment and lighting fixes. The new environment mod in GWX3 contains the following small fixes and adjustments by ‘Ref’ and ‘Kpt. Adjusted radio message dates for U-488 re-supply U-boat and Operation Cerberus. The above is a summary of the changes in GWX3 Gold. A complete list of changes can be found in the ‘GWX 3.

GWX and other available 16 kilometer visibility mods prior to his involvement. The Grey Wolves team suggests your computer meets the recommended system configuration requirements for Silent Hunter 3. Use the Silent Hunter 3 Detection Tool to determine whether your system meets these requirements. More information about installing GWX can be found in the Support section. We dedicate our modification packages to the enhancement and enjoyment of World War II submarine simulations, NOT the promotion of ANY political or philosophical views. Copyright 2005 – 2019 The Grey Wolves.

The installer is available as a multi-part download. Installing GWX3 GOLD You can read installation instructions and FAQs in the Support section. MD5 Codes for the GWX3 GOLD file download We recommend that you verify that each of the files is free of errors. Use the following MD5 codes with JScones’ MD5Mate software.