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You need to login to do this. Star Wars holograms and Force ghosts are sherlock holmes jack the ripper game.exe pale blue.

Fortunately, in the future, we’ll find a way around it. They may not be thrilled by this, but as they’re dead, they don’t get any say in the matter. If Cyberspace is involved, they will be corporeal in that plane. In series with a Cool Starship, it’s particularly common for a Virtual Ghost to end up running the ship, especially if they are female. A Virtual Ghost can end up practically reincarnated if made out of Hard Light. Can serve as the Sci-Fi version of the Spirit Advisor.

In Sailor Moon, when the Sailor Senshi are transported to the lunar ruins of the Moon Kingdom they are greeted by the virtual ghost of Queen Serenity, Sailor Moon’s mother from her previous life. Bunches of examples from Ghost In The Shell Standalone Complex. An attempt was made once with six million people simultaneously, but aborted. Motoko from the movie wonders if she is a virtual ghost, and if her personality and memories are, in fact, programmed, due to the small amount of brain matter she is left with. Motoko Aramaki and the rest of the “children” of Motoko and the Puppetmaster were not born with biological bodies, and yet have a “ghost”. The Puppetmaster also points out that everyone leaves “ghosts” in the minds of those we interact with, i.

Puppetmaster freely admits that information preserved this way is heavily fragmented, and most personal details are lost – naturally, since only interactions with others are “recorded. Theoretically this presumably is the result in mid-way of a Ghost Dub, but it’s just a deteriorated, incomplete copy, while the original dies. Trying to copy an entire human brain is difficult business in this universe. Kaiba in the anime-only Virtual Nightmare Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! Serial Experiments Lain has a field day with this one. Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer.