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The Email field is not a valid e-mail address. COMMENTSBe the first to comment on this video! You need to sign in to comment on this video. NET also like GABBA-EATER, テクネチウム, Bubble-B. Scopri tutti i testi delle canzoni dell’album Cyclick di DJ Sharpnel. 01: Alart For High Density Rave: 0:47: 02: Ktn Gtr: 4:13: 03: Drrrrrrr! DJ Sharpnel – Entangle Night: 21.

DJ SHARPNEL – Gate openerz 4:21 The Speed Freak. Mp3 Download completely free from mp3bod. J-Core – DJ Sharpnel Mix by All Your Techno Needs! Please contact the webmaster with any queries. Featuring the final performance of CSR Live and the first performance of Schizofrenic Pain Division. Also with video from DJ Stinger, Rictus Sempra, Plague, Omira, Chaos, Human Resource, Neodash Zerox, The Handyman and Reckless.

Hardcore DJs, and the craziest live performances served up extra bloody. Video mixing taken to the extreme. This meticulous mashup of music and video will boggle the mind. From the dark woods of Pennsylvania! Watch it before it gets booted off of You Tube!

Smurfenland returns, this time to Loose End in Reeuwijk Holland. 13 years of fighting for the underground. The Fuckparade takes to the streets with a grass roots movement to give a voice to all that is non commercial. An escaped inmate from a Guatemalan insane asylum, Evil Minded delivers his unique mix of techno and death, thrash metal grindcore on his 2010 European tour. Travelling to Neustadt in Germany for possibly the last ever CSR Liveshow, this one featuring Smurf and Stinger behind the decks, and a wild liveshow led by Chainsaw Madness and friends. Check out the far east where they know how to tear the roof down when it comes to an awesome party. Filmed during DJ Plague’s Japan tour of March 2010.

Pictures from various parties in Japan’s exciting and vibrant hardcore scene, give you a taste of the exotic delights of Japan. Powered and fueled by Hard Dance music. Do you agree with our Privacy Policy? What is a torrent and magnet link? Guhroovy – THE DAY OF HARDCORE VOL. 06 Ohnita Atsushi Show in Tokyo-Dome. 09 Highspeedstar – Please Listen with X-Rated Video.

05 Li Koto Ni Kidui Chatta. 07 Paradaisu Gaaru Ma Do Rin. 01 No One Can Live Alone. 05 Castle In The Sky 2003. 05 Exciting Hyper High Speed Star. 09 Side Story In The Early Morning. 08 All Of Oils Are Belongs To Me.