Setup.exe win32 7

Never trust a computer you can’t throw out of a window” – Steve Wozniak. Setup.exe win32 7 the Windows 7 installer USB boot drive. 1 x 4GB memory – SO-DIMM DDR3 1.

Purchased from : PLE Computers, Bentley, WA, Australia. I used an old USB 2. USB flash drive or a portable 2. 1 x small Philips head screwdriver. Windows 7 USB boot drive and copying some Brix driver files. 1 x monitor, either HDMI or VGA. Take off the bottom panel by unscrewing the 4 black screws.

Inside the unit, remove the tape holding down the SATA cable. RAM into the single slot – need to insert it at an angle fist, then push it downwards until it clicks into place. From the bottom panel, remove the 2. Connect the SATA cable to the hard disk. There’s only one way it can be inserted, so you can’t make a mistake. Screw the cage back onto the bottom panel.

Replace the bottom panel onto the Brix. Connect the power supply to the DC-in port. Connect a monitor to either the HDMI or VGA port. Connect a wired USB keyboard to the USB 2.

Turn on the Brix via the power button on the top. Right arrows to navigate between tabs. Confirm that the RAM and SSD have been detected by the BIOS. Change the operating system option to Windows 7. Note that the Brix requires the Windows 7 64-bit installer. Switch off the Brix via the power button on the top.