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Being the designated healer is a necessary job, but it isn’t a glamorous one. Give The Medic some teeth, and you’ve got yourself a Combat Medic. While a Combat Medic still serves as the primary healer and buffer, he has the ability and incentive to leap into the trenches and kick some ass, too. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including ‘protective auras’ that buff nearby allies while the medic fights, or attacks that simultaneously heal the medic’s allies. The Combat Medic may also overlap with a Bare-Fisted Monk, or a monk wielding a Power Fist. Some games do in fact give the monk limited healing capabilities, or a few self-heals. The Magic Knight is rather similar, though defense-oriented Magic Knights tend to be focused on fighting first and healing second.

Note that this is Truth in Television. During World War II, military medics were supposed to go into combat with no weapons and treat the wounded of either side. Not to be confused with Deadly Doctor, a medical doctor who fights with medical knowledge and equipment. Dietrich “Medic” Luzwheit, Zenna, and Marco Martinet in Dino Attack RPG are among Dino Attack Team’s few medics who are also soldiers, and as such, they are usually fighting Mutant Dinos while healing patients on the battlefield. In 3rd Edition, efforts to make the Cleric “more fun” to play brought it closer to Magic Knight than Combat Medic: in addition to remaining the best healer class, the cleric’s offensive capacities went up. Having the ability to turn their prepared spells into healing spells also let them devote more slots to their awesome combat buffs. 5e, they introduced a dedicated Healer class.