Setup.exe epson t50

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It took me almost 3 days to solve this problem. For background story, I have a EPSON TM-T88IV, and I want to install it to my new EEE Box. My EEE Box doesn’t have any LPT port, so I bought a USB to parallel port cable. I thought it would be as easy as plug and play. I won’t tell long story about my struggle finding the solution. After select module dialog appear, pick TM-T88IV Driver and select Port configuration. 01, and want to install driver.

Test if the printer really connected to this virtual port. Unplugged the USB-LPT cable, and see printer icon in “Printers and Faxes” window. If it’s connected, it should become “offline”. If it’s not, well you can stop here, because I don’t experienced this.

If you have more than 1 virtual printer port, you can try it one by one. Uncheck “Enable bidirectional support” and “Enable printer pooling”. In “General” tab, you can test print. I also spent 3 days trying to install the same printer for a client. I’ll just add that when running ATM_304E.