Setup.exe disk1 17.7

The main difference between Windows XP and later Windows OS versions is the introduction of the User Account Control prompt which acts as a barrier between core OS settings and apps. The user interaction is required to authenticate the app and to allow its setup.exe disk1 17.7 to the OS system settings. This manual shows you how to change hdparm. Properties in Windows and grant it the administrative privileges required for normal operation.

Remember to click the OK button on all Properties windows when closing them. IF SUCCESSFUL an armour icon is displayed over hdparm. I use mine as my “wing drive” for the SSD. One of my HDDs was spinning down very frequently and whenever Windows tries to access it the whole system just stops responding for a few seconds until the drive spins up again. Disabled drive’s internal power management real quick and the problem is gone. All hail the author for this great tool and the blog for making it easy to find. I believe is supposed to be a USB disk but for Windows hdparm counterpart it does not seem to matter.

I found the answer to my question above! You have to add location with hdparm. Inno Setup is a popular program for making software installations. Unfortunately, there is no official unpacker – the only method of getting the files out of the self-extracting executable is to run it. Innounp is open source and based on IS source. Therefore, it is more likely to support future IS versions.