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For example, if you signed up on the 21st of the month, that is the day that you will be billed on each subsequence month. Sportsnet has the right to review pricing rates at any time. Due to rights restrictions, certain sports properties may be blacked out in Sportsnet NOW. Sportsnet reserves the right to replace these restricted properties with alternate content within Sportsnet NOW to improve the user experience.

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MPEGS, WMV’s and pdf’s it does not work – users are denied access, and with printing CSS I have the same problem. I want to install the software on a second machine because we are moving the website to this new machine. How do I setup browser based remote administration? Then strange things happen with remote administration. I cannot see who is currently logged in as I should be able to. Sometimes the remote administration tool clears the configuration.

I have to restore the adb file. I change the user’s info via the Windows GUI, but I have to restart IISAdmin to see the changes! I installed the software, but it doesn’t protect anything at all! 32 on the dll containing FlicksIISInstall. What is the difference between the trial version and the registered version?

I have heard a lot about AuthentiX and it sounds great! Can we use it on our website hosted at the ISP? I installed the software, and it was protecting membership areas just great. But now it is not working. Where is the remote administration dll? How do I protect individual files? I get into the the protected area, but it keeps re-prompting me with multiple prompts for a username and password.

It is a terrific page, it’s got stylesheets, framesets, a whole bunch of cool gifs, all the latest stuff and more. How can I turn on tracing, to see what files are being denied access? Can I run multiple copies of the software for multiple users? What happens if I use AuthentiX to protect a directory, then use it to protect a sub-directory of that directory?

How do I change the access denied message and the realm? If i type a different page into the Address box on my browser, I am let in without another prompt. What’s the performance hit of using the software? Are there any log files generated by Authentix? The REMOTE_USER environment variable is not being set for CGIs if a directory is protected using the software. How do I get the login name? I cannot get ASP to add users, or get any changes to ‘stick’.

What is the process that takes place to validate a user. I have content which is license-restricted to 15 concurrent users – can you help? I notice that once I have entered a username and password to access a directory, I don’t have to enter it again. They are all separately protected by the same group.