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You need to login to rsr win.exe 3 this. If you were looking for the manga series commonly known by that name, you’ll find it under GE – Good Ending. That’s how it could’ve happened But how about this? The Standard End, which usually involves the least effort by the player.

Alternatively, it ends the story on a decently happy note, but leaves some massive plot threads hanging with minimal resolution. The Good End, one or more character-specific endings on a positive note. The True End, the primary plot ending of a game that has multiple endings. In many Dating Sims, this ending may not be achievable if other endings are not achieved yet. It basically forces the player to finish the game with the “Good End” in order to unlock the path of the true story. Best End, where all the available content is opened up or shown. As the name implies, this is the best out of several possible “Good Ends”, and almost always overlaps with the Golden Ending.

The variably-used Poor End, when the player makes a decision that prevents the story from progressing any further for obvious reasons, making this ending effectively a Nonstandard Game Over. Some designers include truly “neutral” multiple ends, letting the player decide whether they’re good or bad. Occasionally, the Multiple Endings are also couched with a non-linear plot — in which case, it can become frustrating-verging-on-impossible to find any of the multiple endings, especially if there are multiple “threads” in the plot. There are several endings, but only one is declared canon by later installments.

The complete inversion of Golden Ending — the hardest-to-achieve ending in the game is actually the worst one. The ending is determined by a single choice just before the end, regardless of previous choices. Not a continuous ending cutscene, but a sequence of short scenes that shows the consequences of your choices. A secret ending that can only be unlocked by clearing all other endings.

The ending choice lets the player take a stand on a philosophical or ethical issue. Multiple Endings are an effective way to avert Unstable Equilibrium. Instead of rewarding highly-skilled players with more power, reward them with less power, but give them a better ending if they can succeed. As with all Ending Tropes, beware of spoilers.