Rockman game boy download

Please forward this error screen to li916-rockman game boy download. NOTE: Play this ISO on your PC by using a compatible emulator. This file will be downloaded through the CoolROM Downloader making the download process much faster and ensuring the file is virus-free. With the passing of yet another console generation, there remains a significant demand to play older Mega Man titles on modern machines and digital platforms.

X Collection discs are starting to show their age. The time for a modern collection may be upon us. According to Capcom USA community manager Brett Elston, the idea of a new Mega Man collection is something currently being passed along the chain. Nothing to announce or tease at the moment, but I’ve definitely taken note of – and passed along – the desire for a modern collection. And sure, emulation will always be an option.

But for those of us seeking a legitimate means to procure and play older titles on today’s hardware, a new official collection is very appealing. With that said, what’s your take? Would you like a new collection? Or would you prefer more titles released individually?

That part is all up to Nintendo, for better or worse. Someone at Capcom is using their head. Even if it’s only a Classic and X compilation, it’ll still be better than nothing on retail store shelves. Hell polish up 6 and 7 to a higher standard and people would love you for it. Would have been a sensible 25th anniversary project like Street Fighter got. The only real drawback from the Megaman Collection games from the 15th anniversary is the controllers.