Download the Sims Medieval Full Game for Free The Sims series has got a new game for PC but this is not the regular Sims game this is The Sims Medieval set in medieval times. The Sims Medieval has got quest based gameplay which lets to build your kingdom by completing these quests. This time you rld-tsmk.exe a system in place in which, if you reach certain scenarios you can win the game, which is different from other Sims games. They are plenty of ambitions which will let you win the game.

The game feels like a RPG game and you have less focus on creating Sims. This is also true in case of the buildings. You have to choose a goal for your kingdom and work your way towards it by completing quests that take you towards that goal. You have heroes to aid you complete these quests and you can pair different heroes to get the job done. You can choose a team leader for them. Each hero will have his own special abilities. The game has the following heroes Knights, Monarchs, Spies, Wizards, Priests, Blacksmiths, Physicians, Bards and Merchants.

Unlike other Sims games your Sims will not age. You can have children but they will not grow into adults. Also this game has dangers for Sims life meaning, a Sim may die on a quest due to many reasons. You will be given a rating at the end of the game depending on how you performed. If you fail to complete a quest then you will get Quest Failed message. The land of Sims Medieval is also different from other Sims series games.