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Brentwood School is a selective, independent day and boarding school in Brentwood, Essex, UK. Founded in 1557 and opened in 1558, the riba riba original mp3 song free download has a Tudor schoolroom, a Victorian chapel and several Grade II listed buildings.

The current headmaster is Ian Davies. This section needs additional citations for verification. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. The licence to found the school as The Grammar School of Antony Browne, Serjeant at the Law, in Brentwood was granted by Mary I to Sir Antony Browne on 5 July 1558 and the first schoolmaster, George Otway, was appointed on 28 July 1558. In 1568 the school moved to a purpose-built schoolroom, which is extant. The commemoration stone was laid by Browne’s stepdaughter, Dorothy Huddleston, and her husband Edward, Browne himself having died in 1567. The school room is beside the site of the execution of nineteen-year-old William Hunter, who was burned at the stake for denying the doctrine of transubstantiation.

The Martyr’s Elm grew, allegedly, on the spot of his immolation. Although Browne had drawn up statutes for the school, they were never legally adopted and so were re-drawn in 1622 by his descendants and John Donne, Dean of St Paul’s. 1861 and so is one of the earliest CCFs in the country. This section does not cite any sources.

60 Old Brentwoods were killed on active service during the First World War and 173 during the Second World War. Their names are listed in the school chapel, and commemorated by the Memorial Hall for the first war and the pavilion for the second. In 1957 Her Majesty The Queen visited the school to open the science block, named the Queen’s Building in her honour. The school was a direct grant grammar school from the 1960s until the abolition of the scheme in 1977. Brentwood was originally a boys’ school, but the Governors made the decision to allow a small number of girls to enter the sixth form in 1974. 1980s there were 23 girls in the sixth form. 1982 to help raise funds for the school, mainly via large events and excursions for pupils.

In 2007, Brentwood School celebrated its 450th anniversary with a commemorative service in St Paul’s Cathedral. 150th anniversary on 8 October 2011 by holding a special afternoon of events featuring a Guard of Honour by Lt General Brown CBE. The Royal British Legion Youth Band of Brentwood played at the start and end of the afternoon. In 2012, The Earl of Wessex visited the school to open the new sixth form centre, featuring a 400-seat auditorium, named The Wessex Auditorium in his honour. In 2016, work finished on a new academic centre in the heart of the School, named the Bean Academic Centre after former Headmaster Edwin Bean, quadrupling the size of the original library. The school promotes Incipe as make a good start, especially to first year senior school pupils and in the preparatory school, which has a publication named after it. It is recognised, though, that Virtue, learning and manners is the official whole school motto.

The arms of Brentwood School are derived from those of the founder, Sir Antony Browne, and his wife. As part of the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the school’s founding, a special variant of Sir Antony Browne’s Coat of Arms was granted by the Honourable Sir George Rothe Bellew, Garter Principal King of Arms and Sir John Dunamace Heaton-Armstrong, Clarenceux King of Arms on 19 July 1957. There are five day houses, named North Town, South Town, East Town, West Town, and Weald, and two boarding houses, Mill Hill for girls and Hough House for boys. The boarding houses together make up a sixth house, School house. Competitions in sport, music, drama, debating and other activities are held on a regular basis between the houses. North, red for South, light blue for East, dark blue for West and claret for Weald.

The boarding boys wear a maroon tie with a double silver stripe and boarding girls wear green ties with a double silver stripe. These are usually students with academic or sporting strengths and those involved in the local community. Being appointed a praepostor means increased responsibility in the school. Praes return to school outside normal school hours to help organize and facilitate events, and they are the main representatives of the pupil body throughout the school. Brentwood operates in a diamond school format, in which the preparatory school and sixth form are co-educational while the senior school teaches boys and girls separately.