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While a lot of what Apple has done leading to this point isn’t great for investors, it is pretty good for consumers. Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust case against Qualcomm is going to trial on Friday, the outcome of which could have serious repercussions for Apple’s global legal war with the chipmaker. 52 billion security bond required by a Munich court to enforce the countrywide ban. A China-based security researcher has withdrawn a presentation on what was advertised as a workable Face ID hack from the prestigious Black Hat Asia conference after his employer, Ant Financial, called the talk “misleading.

If you’ve just a new Apple Watch — especially if you’re upgrading from an older one — start here. This is what you need to know, what steps you’ll go through, and what choices you have to make as you set up a new Apple Watch. While Apple’s critics are scrambling to portray its restatement of guidance as some sort of evidence of a “lack of innovation” or “pricing that’s too high,” the reality is that it’s simply evidence that President Trump’s tariff war on China has hurt a key Apple market. Qualcomm on Thursday announced that it posted a security bond of 1. After issuing an earnings forecast correction on Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down to discuss the anticipated revenue dip and a range of related topics including rising diplomatic tensions between the U.

One of the perks of Apple’s native Mail app in iOS 12 is the ability to create a “VIP” mailbox, gathering messages from your most important contacts as a way of cutting through the noise. Watch, but it still lacks one feature we’d love to see. M9 1a8 8 0 1 0 0 16A8 8 0 0 0 9 1zm. I didn’t lose remote desktop connectivity, I can’t do anything. Explorer runs on a per-user basis.