Custom installation required, release/firebird- the Guide! NOTE: The obsolete pthreads threading model is no longer supported. If your Linux kernel does not support NPTL threading then you will not be able to use this sub-release.

Brief description of new features in Firebird 2. For more details about Firebird 2. 5 architectures please look at the Firebird 2. Custom installation required, read the Guide! The recommended Linux kernel version is 2. 34 and glibc should be version 2. If your glibc version is lower than v.

7, it must be upgraded before using Firebird 2. NOTE: To make the new engine work properly under multi-threaded conditions we had to use Grand Central Dispatch, which was first released in MacOSX 10. MacOSX users should be aware that Firebird 2. 5 will run only on MacOSX 10. If you want to use an earlier version of OSX you will need to use an earlier version of Firebird.