Rdp splwow64.exe

The program can’t start because DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. You rdp splwow64.exe know that the .

I didn’t mention any, but the error is in most of the cases the same and it can be fixed the same way. DLLs that might be reported are: x2utilms. DLL who is actually causing this as you will see below. PDFCreator or such emulation software that converts files to different formats via virtual printers. I will give you an example. Someone had a printer set as default from another location.

When he was trying to open a Word file the above error appeared. I had to set as default a different printer from his current location. Alternatively you can remove all printers and try to open the file to see if that works for you and if the error goes away. The thing is this is one of the most radical solutions and it should be applied only if you can’t seem to find out what is causing this.

If that works, the file should be opened without the error. In case the error still exists it’s time to also try other things like restarting the print spooler service on the local machine. There is also a situation when the solution above did not solve the issue although the reported error was the same. I am working on a customers laptop with the same error.