Psql.exe command line example

It’s now possible to use the schema filter expressions from the connection profile as parameters to the JDBC API call psql.exe command line example speed up schema retrieval. For Oracle versions 10 or lower, the source of materialized views was no longer displayed. If the option “Always allow “Execute selected” was disabled, directly after opening the window “Execute Selected” would still run all statements. Running a macro by using the macro’s name did not work if there was a comment preceding the macro’s name in the editor.

When connecting to a profile with a corrupted workspace, the main window was not usable any more. When multiple columns where selected in a result, the “Filter by value” was applied using only the first selected column. When using “Check foreign keys” in the dialog to drop multiple objects, non-table objects were removed. Implemented a workaround for SQLite, so that invalid DATE values could be read from columns defined as DATE. In case of an error, the cursor in the editor was no longer moved to the error position. For Oracle, NUMBER columns without precision were exported with a decimal separator to Excel files.

For Oracle, the result of functions returning a refcursor was not displayed correctly. Expandable macros now also support placeholders for the selected text and statement. It’s now possible to define a default directory for a connection profile that is used e. Made saving of Workspaces more robust against errors. Detaching a result was longer possible in build 122.

The dialog to select columns for copying them to the clipboard did not display all options on Mac OSX. Changing between connection profiles that had a non-standard macro file and profiles using the standard macro file could lead to a situation where the standard macros were no longer available. For Oracle, NUMBER columns with a negative scale e. Improved editing of Postgres’ hstore result columns. For HSQLDB, BIT columns were not displayed correctly. When using a profile specific macro file, opening a new window did not always work.

For Oracle, overloaded procedures inside packages where no longer displayed. For Postgres, when generating scripts for tables and sequences the owner column for a sequence was not correctly generated. When loading a new macro file, the macro menu was not updated. For Postgres, the generated source code for functions and custom aggregates now contains the new PARALLEL settings for Postgres 9. When searching for a JDBC driver class in the driver’s jar file, available service registrations are used to speed up the searching. DDL for only the foreign key constraints. For DBMS supporting catalogs and schemas, auto completion for large schemas was slow.