Port splitter.exe

Port splitter.exe All installers always install the latest version unless stated otherwise. Report issues, get support and leave feedback on XDA.

Transcoded downloads: you can download a transcoded version of your tracks for playback on your Android device with any audio player. Useful to download an MP3 version of your FLAC or lossless albums stored on your NAS. DLNA device connected to his stereo and a Windows 10 PC with Window Media Player. With UPnP tethering you can do the same using the “Play to” functionality of Windows Media Player. Data is always reformatted in a more compact format with the benefit of speeding up browsing on slower devices. When operating an UPnP AV Renderer, the playlist of audio tracks resides on the Control Point which must remain running for playlist track advance to happen. Alternatively you can follow the “Other Java platforms” section below for manual install.

If you want transcoding support you will need to install ffmpeg on your system. Otherwise something is preventing the Internet to connect on the HTTP or HTTPS port. This will likely be a NAT or firewall issue. For example, if the public HTTP port is 58050 and the LAN IP Address displayed is 192. Add a rule on your router to redirect connection on TCP port 58050 to LAN IP Address 192. Add a rule on your firewall to allow incoming traffic on TCP port 58050 on the 192.