Phoenix rc flight simulator patch

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In this article we will compare the best quadcopter simulators for FPV. Drone simulators have been around for decades, but only recently we’ve begun to see more options designed specifically for drone racing and FPV freestyle, some of which are even free! 7 regardless of the weather without damaging your quadcopter. Whether you are still learning how not to crash, or getting the hang of a challenging acrobatic trick, simulators are highly helpful for beginners and advanced pilots alike. You need a controller for the simulators.

Although you can simply use a gaming console or keyboard for a flight simulator, I strongly recommend using a proper radio transmitter which you will be using to control a drone as well. That’s the best way to build up muscle memory, and get the most benefit from training. Picking a transmitter that has a USB port for computer connection is much more convenient for FPV sim’s. Right now, I think the Frsky QX7, X9D and Flysky Nirvana are all very good radios for mini quad flying. When connecting with a USB cable, it simply shows as a game Joystick in Device Manager. Cheaper TX such as the the Flysky i6 and Turnigy 9X don’t have a USB port and might require a trainer port to USB adapter to work with simulators.