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CFast but is based on the PCI Express interface instead of Parallel ATA or Serial ATA. There are two main subdivisions of CF cards, 3. The type II slot is used by miniature hard drives and some other devices, such as the Hasselblad CFV Digital Back for the Hasselblad series of medium format cameras. 0 standard and the faster CF 4. 0 standard adopted as of 2007. CF is among the oldest and most successful formats, and has held a niche in the professional camera market especially well.

As some newer card types are smaller, they can be used directly in a CF card slot with an adapter. It can be easily slipped into a passive 68-pin PCMCIA Type II to CF Type I adapter that fully meets PCMCIA electrical and mechanical interface specifications”, according to compactflash. However, CF did switch to NAND type memory later. Actual transfer speed may be higher, or lower, than shown on the card depending on several factors.

The speed rating quoted is almost always the read speed, while write speed is often slower. For reads, the onboard controller first powers up the memory chips from standby. Reads are usually in parallel, error correction is done on the data, then transferred through the interface 16 bits at a time. Error checking is required due to soft read errors.