Path navitel com.exe

This page is about a free vector-map of Morocco and Western Sahara for handheld GPS-recievers, e. The map is provided as-is, no warrantys whatsoever are given. Please visit path navitel com.exe Mirror Site for faster downloads. Thanks a lot to Dominique for setting up this service!

For easy installation of both parts of the map, try the self-installing . 2006 should be uninstalled before updating, due to some major changes in that release. Don’t read this paragraph, unless you want to perform a complete manual installation. If you want a different directory, edit the .

Note that part of the manual installation process is editing the registry, which is usually said to be potentially harmful. The GIS Russa version is intended for the popular PDA navigation software. Personally I have not tested the GIS Russa version, as I do not have a registered version of that program, and no PDA as well. Updated versions are available on request. Most of the roads are measured with GPS accuracy.

On higher zoom levels, additional uncategorized, non GPS measured roads from VMAP0 pop up. There are many roads from the VMAP0 basemap, that are not correctly built in yet. They need a name, a type and a zoom-level. And they should be replaced with GPS tracklogs or other more accurate data. Currently the map is at most suited for rough overland orientation.