Patch uart raspberry pi

Please forward this error screen to grape. H3 based development board produced by Sinovoip, mostly compatible with the H3 Orange Pis. CPU clock speed limit on rev 1. The H3 SoC support has matured patch uart raspberry pi its introduction in kernel 4.

For a more comprehensive list of supported features, see the status matrix for mainline kernels. See the Manual build section for more details. Plus it benefits automagically from all progress being made for these boards. You can build things for yourself by following our Manual build howto and by choosing from the configurations available below. The U-Boot repository and toolchain is described in the Mainline U-Boot howto. 4 kernel from the official Allwinner’s git repository does not support H3 yet.

Configure this kernel using sun8i_h3_defconfig, the rest is explained in the kernel compilation guide. 4 kernel with the mainline U-Boot, add the following line to boot. A newer H3 BSP variant appeared with tons of fixes which has been made available by FriendlyARM. A cleaned up fork has been adopted by Armbian project. On top of that Armbian maintains a bunch of 3. The mainline kernel has good support for the H3 SoC.