Onlinerecovery 620.exe

This USB Flash Drive was different from other USB Flash Drives. You might onlinerecovery 620.exe how a USB Flash Drive can have CDFS partition. In other words, you see a new drive in My Computer or Windows Explorer. When a USB Flash Drive containing a CDFS Partition is plugged into a computer it shows up as two drives.

The CD drive appears as if the computer has another CD ROM drive with a CD inside it. This CD Drive which appears when the UFD is plugged in, is the CDFS partition. This behaves exactly like a CD ROM. You cannot delete files in the CDFS partition.

This partition stays even if you format the USB Flash Drive. Only the Removable Disk partition gets formatted. How can a USB Drive have a CDFS partition? A USB Flash Drive contains a microcontroller and flash memory. The microcontroller implements the USB Mass Storage class. In a normal USB Flash Drive, the microcontroller is programmed to implement a Removable Disk.

In a USB Flash Drive with a CDFS partition,the microcontroller is programmed to implement a Removable Disk and a USB CDROM. UPDATE:- Transcend has released a special tool to remove the CDFS partition. T for informing us about this special tool. This tool may work for those who are having problems with 32GB Transcend USB Flash Drives. This special tool is only for JF620 USB Flash Drives. The zip file contained two files.

It did not remove the CDFS partition. This iso file is about 11mb and contains the securedrive. To make your own CDFS partition you will have to replace security_f. I also do not know whether bootable iso images will boot from the CDFS partition. Since the above tool did not help me in removing the CDFS partition I searched flashboot. I followed the on Screen Instructions. After a few minutes the process was complete.

I replugged in the USB Flash Drive and the CDFS partition was gone. The size of the USB Drive also increased by about 11mb. Earlier this 11mb was occupied by the CDFS partition. I have transcend 16 GB jet flash model 620. But i want CDFS partition again. This contains a file called security_f.

This iso file will become the cdfs partition. I will update the article with this link. I did try to replace security_f. But the emulation is not perfect.

Most often one of them is not even visible in BIOS or boot menu. In the cases when CD image is boot-able, it cannot be used to boot Windows, neither installation media nor live CD. CD-ROM_Remover will not free the space occupied by CDFS, it will just make it invisible! I just wanted to know if CDFS partition of transcend jetflash 620 usb drive can be used for auto-running of certain programs when plugged on to windows 7 system .

Is their any way of editing this drive to get these results. I could have tried on my own but for that i am looking for these answer so that i could buy one after some senior help. I have removed cdfs from jf620 successfully. Another internet traveler here, giving thanks. I had a hard time figuring out why my brand new flash drive would not get recognized in my Xbox 360, when every other drive of mine worked. Turns out it was this CDFS nonsense at fault. I successfully removed it, and now it works fine.