Ntvdm.exe 00005

Please see the FAQ section and feel free to send any ntvdm.exe 00005 here . Added Interpretation of the rootkit scanning.

5 – Added online antivirus scanning. Added “Shell” option in the “Process” section, that executes an application other than Explorer. 18327 with full x64 support has been released. ALWIL Software has released AVAST 4.

8 containing anti-rootkit based on GMER technology. Stealth MBR rootkt found in the wild ! Andy Manchesta added catchme into SDFix tool. Thanks to Marco Giuliani for preparing Italian version of help ! New version of catchme with Windows Vista support released. Catchme has been integrated with combofix developed by sUBs. Keep up the good fight sUBs !

After over a month of fight my web page is up and running. Thank you Paul Vixie and ISC, Matt Jonkman, guys from register. MR Team and everyone who helped me. Special thanks to Paul Laudanski who won this battle. My doman DDoS-ed for the first time. You can see it in action in these movies: test.

The detection of this type of rootkit will be added into the next version. You can scan the system for rootkits using GMER. Rootkit tab and click the “Scan” button. If you don’t know how to interpret the output, please Save the log and send it to my email address. Please, do not select the “Show all” checkbox during the scan. How to create “3rd party” log ?