Symantec Critical System System Installation Manual Nfs14.exe_x64 critical system installation guide. Page 2: Installation Guide License Terms and Conditions.

Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Page 3: Technical Support The Technical Support group also authors content for our online Knowledge Base. The Technical Support group works collaboratively with the other functional areas within Symantec to answer your questions in a timely fashion. Licensing and registration If your Symantec product requires registration or a license key, access our technical support Web page at the following URL: www. Select your region or language under Global Support, and then select the Licensing and Registration page. Additional enterprise services Symantec offers a comprehensive set of services that allow you to maximize your investment in Symantec products and to develop your knowledge, expertise, and global insight, which enable you to manage your business risks proactively.

Critical System Protection Symantec Critical System Protection agents control behavior by allowing and preventing specific actions that an application or user might take. Page 12: Components Of Symantec Critical System Protection Symantec Critical System Protection agents detect behavior by auditing and monitoring processes, files, log data, and Windows example, a Symantec Critical System Protection detection policy can specify to monitor the Windows registry keys that the Welchia worm changes during infection and send an alert. Page 13: How Symantec Critical System Protection Works About the policy library Symantec Critical System Protection provides a policy library that contains pre- configured prevention and detection policies, which you can use and customize to protect your network. A prevention policy is a collection of rules that governs how processes and users access resources. Critical System Protection Where to get more information Where to get more information Product manuals for Symantec Critical System Protection are available on the Symantec Critical System Protection installation CD.