This nero2014.exe’s lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. LicenseGNU General Public License, version 2. 264 was originally developed by Laurent Aimar, who stopped development in 2004 after being hired by ATEME.

Loren Merritt then took over development. Today, x264 is primarily developed by Loren Merritt, Fiona Glaser, Anton Mitrofanov and Henrik Gramner. 264 provides a command line interface as well as an API. The former is used by many graphical user interfaces, such as Staxrip and MeGUI.

264 implements a large number of features compared to other H. 264 contains some psychovisual enhancements which aim to increase the subjective video quality of the encoded video. Adaptive quantisation in two modes using VAQ. The second mode, a later addition, adapts the strength per frame in an attempt to improve the quality. The complexity is measured using a combination of SSD and SATD. Macroblock-tree rate control, which controls the quality by tracking how often parts of the frame are used for predicting future frames.